Eco Refill Store in Leeds

Since opening our doors as an independent domestic and commercial cleaning company, we have seen the incredible amount of waste that has been produced from discarded cleaning product containers alone.

This did not align with our environmental goals as a business and we wanted to do our bit for the environment, by offering an alternative to single-use containers.

This led to us opening our very own Eco-Refill Station in Farsley!

Our aim and purpose is to minimise waste by offering a refill station to the public, to suit all budgets for their household cleaning and laundry needs. 

We offer a range of products, from our own Cleen-Bees household and laundry detergents to more common brands such as ECover Bio-D and Faith In Nature.

Not only do we offer eco-friendly detergents, but we also have an amazing range of bamboo items, a wide variety of locally produced items such as wax melts, homemade shampoo bars, balms and luxury soaps and a refillable dried food section which includes items such as herbs, spices, flour, nuts, rice and lentils, to name a few.

Naturally, our passion for our little honey-collecting friends can also be seen in our shop, with a variety of bee-inspired products for those that share our enthusiasm for them!

We also feature an Ella’s drop off station and Homecare recycle program. All proceeds from the recycling programs are donated to St Gemma’s Hospice and cancer research.

Visit us at Madison Offices,
Richardshaw Rd, Pudsey
LS28 6LE

Opening Times: 9am - 3pm Monday - Friday