About Us

Founded in 2016, Cleen-Bees initially began operating in Wortley, Leeds, but we have since moved to premises at Madison Offices in Pudsey. 

We offer professional cleaning services including domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning services to customers across Yorkshire.

We are an ever growing and reliable company which has been built around the needs of our customers.

Cleen Bees cleaning in Leeds

Meet The Cleen-Bees Leadership Team

Cassandra Haynes – Managing Director

Cassandra began her career in hospitality, having worked as a hotel supervisor at Park Plaza Hotel in Leeds for a few years.  She went on to work in the NHS, domiciliary and in care homes.

Cassandra has a passion for cleaning as she finds it therapeutic.  She’s at her best when she is decluttering and organising, so starting her own cleaning business was her dream come true!

After seeing the amount of waste from product use produced through cleaning, Cassandra has also developed a passion, and encourages the use of eco-friendly products.

This led to the opening of an Eco Refill store based in Farsley, which Cassandra is pictured re-stocking above.

Kelly Zulu – Domestic Manager

Kelly has been with Cleen-Bees for 5 years and she is one of our longest standing members of staff.  Her dedication and commitment to our customers is impeccable and she is renowned for her love of our customers’ fur children, even going so far as to throw one of our customers’ pets a surprise, themed birthday party during one of their cleaning days!

Kelly consistently delivers high standards across every area of her job and here at Cleen-Bees, we love and appreciate her for it!  She loves to shop, even when it comes to household shopping, and her favourite product is Cillit Bang.  One of her new favourites is a new eco bathroom cleaner, which is available from our store, The Eco Refill Station!

Kelly’s top cleaning tip is to use soda crystals and white vinegar on an empty boil wash once a month, as it keeps your washing machine clean!

Sheridan Taylor – Cleaning Supervisor

Sheridan has been with the team since 2018.

She is known by our customers as a bubbly and friendly person, who consistently performs to a high standard.

Being the outgoing character that she is, Sheridan couldn’t possibly choose only one favourite product, so she opted for the entire Zoflora and Fabulosa ranges instead!

Customers always know when Sheridan has been around to clean their houses, as it always smells so lovely and fresh afterwards!